RazorSQL How to - Database Conversion

The first step before performing database conversion is to get connected to a database. For more information on getting connected, see How to Get Connected.

Once connected to a database, RazorSQL provides options to convert one table from one database type to another. It also provides the option to convert multiple tables from one database type to another. Both of these options are available in the DB Tools -> Database Conversion menu. These options are also available in the Database Conversion menu in the right-click menu of the Database Navigator.

Currently, the following databases are supported by the RazorSQL conversion tools:

Here are some of the options provided by the database conversion tools:

  • New Table Name: When converting a single table, this is the new table name that will be created on the other database
  • Convert to Database Type: This is the type of database to convert the table(s) to
  • Execute on Connection: If you would like the conversion to take effect immediately on an existing connection, select this option.
  • Generate SQL Script File: Select this option to have all DDL and SQL generated by the conversion tool to be saved to a file.
  • Include Foreign Key References: When converting multiple tables, this option tells the conversion tool whether to create any foreign keys that exist.