RazorSQL How to Search for Database Objects

Users can search for database objects with RazorSQL using the Database Object Search tool. This tool is available as the Search -> Database Object Search menu option.

Once the Database Object Search tool is launched, there are options for entering the criteria for searching for the objects. The first field is for entering the text for which to search. This can be all or part of an object name. Use either the "Contains" or "Equals" option to determine what type of search to do.

Users can also select what types of database objects to search for. This list is dependent on the type of database. Options include tables, views, indexes, procedures, functions, triggers, etc. Not all options are available for all databases.

Once the search button is pressed, RazorSQL searches the database for database objects meeting the search criteria. If results are found, a database navigator tree is displayed containing the results. Users can right-click on nodes of the tree for various options depending on the type of object.