SQL Tools

RazorSQL determines which statement from the query editor to execute based on certain conditions. If an SQL statement is highlighted in the query editor, that statement will be executed. If there are no statements highlighted, and the language type is set to SQL, PL/SQL, TSQL, or SQL PL RazorSQL will then check for semi-colons. If there are statements separated by semi-colons, RazorSQL will execute the closest statement based on the cursor position. If there are no semi-colons, or if the language type is something other than one of the SQL variants such as HTML, RazorSQL will attempt to execute the entire contents of the query editor. For PL/SQL and SQL PL, RazorSQL will not parse queries based on semi-colons if it determines there are blocks of code, such as begin, end blocks in the editor.

RazorSQL provides the following SQL Tools:


Execute Fetch All

Execute All

Commit / Rollback

SQL History

SQL Formatter

Generate DDL