RazorSQL Connection Wizard

The RazorSQL Connection Wizard allows users to create and save connection profiles. These profiles can then be used to connect to databases. The Connection Wizard can be launched by selecting Connections -> Add Connection Profile.

The Connection Wizard contains a list of database types, a list of connection types for each database, and the information that needs to be supplied to RazorSQL to connect to those databases.

The options of the wizard change based on the type of database and the type of connection selected. For example, RazorSQL ships with built-in support for many databases and connection types. If selecting a database and connection type that RazorSQL ships with built-in support for, the user generally only has to know a few details about the database in order to get connected. For example, where the database is located and a login id and password for the database.

For databases that RazorSQL does not ship with built-in support for, the user may have to provide more information, such as the location of a driver for RazorSQL to use to connect to the database. RazorSQL can connect to databases via JDBC or ODBC (windows machines only). Thus, RazorSQL should be able to connect to any database that provides either a JDBC or ODBC driver. For more details on connecting via JDBC or ODBC, see the Connection Help section under Getting Connected in the help documentation. For more information about the built-in connection support that RazorSQL provides, see the Built-in Connection Support section.

RazorSQL also provides special "Bridges" for connecting to databases. For example, RazorSQL provides the bridges listed below. For more information on these, click the links.

The RazorSQL MySQL PHP Bridge

The RazorSQL JDBC Bridge

The RazorSQL SQLite Driver