Salesforce Database Conversion Tool

The Salesforce database conversion tool contained within RazorSQL allows users to convert Salesforce tables to the following database types:

  • DB2
  • H2
  • MS Access
  • MS SQL Server / SQL Azure
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL / Redshift
  • SQLite

RazorSQL contains conversion tools to convert one or many tables at a time. When converting tables, the tool looks at the type of database the table is being converted to, and generates the database specific DDL to generate the table. It looks at the source database column types and does any adjustments necessary to convert those column types to the destination database's format. The tool then generates and executes the insert statements necessary to populate the table data on the destination database.

For example, when converting the Salesforce Account table from Salesforce to MySQL, the conversion tool generates the following MySQL DDL corresponding to the Salesforce Account table:

CREATE TABLE Account ( Id VARCHAR(50), IsDeleted VARCHAR(5), MasterRecordId VARCHAR(50), Name VARCHAR(255), Type VARCHAR(40), ParentId VARCHAR(50), BillingStreet VARCHAR(255), BillingCity VARCHAR(40), BillingState VARCHAR(80), BillingPostalCode VARCHAR(20), BillingCountry VARCHAR(80), BillingLatitude DOUBLE, BillingLongitude DOUBLE, ShippingStreet VARCHAR(255), ShippingCity VARCHAR(40), ShippingState VARCHAR(80), ShippingPostalCode VARCHAR(20), ShippingCountry VARCHAR(80), ShippingLatitude DOUBLE, ShippingLongitude DOUBLE, Phone VARCHAR(25), Fax VARCHAR(25), AccountNumber VARCHAR(40), Website VARCHAR(250), Sic VARCHAR(20), Industry VARCHAR(40), AnnualRevenue DOUBLE, NumberOfEmployees INTEGER, Ownership VARCHAR(40), TickerSymbol VARCHAR(20), Description VARCHAR(32000), Rating VARCHAR(40), Site VARCHAR(80), OwnerId VARCHAR(50), CreatedDate VARCHAR(40), CreatedById VARCHAR(50), LastModifiedDate VARCHAR(40), LastModifiedById VARCHAR(50), SystemModstamp VARCHAR(40), LastActivityDate DATE, LastViewedDate VARCHAR(40), LastReferencedDate VARCHAR(40), Jigsaw VARCHAR(20), JigsawCompanyId VARCHAR(20), AccountSource VARCHAR(40), SicDesc VARCHAR(80), CustomerPriority__c VARCHAR(255), SLA__c VARCHAR(255), Active__c VARCHAR(255), NumberofLocations__c DOUBLE, UpsellOpportunity__c VARCHAR(255), SLASerialNumber__c VARCHAR(10), SLAExpirationDate__c DATE, PRIMARY KEY (Id) );

Salesforce Database Conversion Tool