MariaDB Database Client and SQL GUI Tool

The RazorSQL MariaDB database client and SQL GUI includes a MariaDB SQL editor, a MariaDB import tool, a MariaDB export tool, MariaDB backup tools, a MariaDB database browser, and MariaDB query builder and other tools such as table editors, tools for creating and altering tables, and more.

MariaDB SQL Editor MariaDB SQL Editor

RazorSQL includes a MariaDB SQL editor that allows users to execute SQL select, insert, update, and delete statements, stored procedures and functions, and DDL statements. It also includes support for over 20 programming languages such as SQL, HTML, XML, PHP, Java, and many more. Users can view multiple query result sets via the query results tabs.

MariaDB Import Tool MariaDB Import Tool

The import tool for MariaDB included in RazorSQL allows users to import data into MariaDB databases in various formats including delimited files, Excel spreadsheets, HTML, XML, and fixed width files.

MariaDB Export Tool MariaDB Export Tool

The export tool for MariaDB included in RazorSQL allows users to export data from MariaDB databases to files in the following formats: SQL statements, delimited file format, XML, HTML, and text.

MariaDB Database Browser MariaDB Database Browser

The database browser for MariaDB included in RazorSQL allows users to browse databases, tables, views, procedures, functions, triggers, indexes, table columns, and primary and foreign key information. The browser allows users to easily edit, describe, search, query tables, backup, create and alter tables, and compare tables or query results with the click of the mouse.

MariaDB Backup Tools MariaDB Backup Tools

RazorSQL includes database backup tools for MariaDB that allow users to backup one table at a time or many objects in a database. The database backup tool can back up tables, views, indexes, functions, triggers, and procedures. The backup tools generates the necessary SQL DDL statements for the objects in the database, and generates SQL insert statements for the table data.

MariaDB Table Editor MariaDB Table Editor

RazorSQL includes a tool that allows users to edit MariaDB data in a spreadsheet like format. Users can copy and delete rows, edit individual cells, and insert new rows. The tool generates the SQL insert, update, or delete statements corresponding to the changes made by the user.

MariaDB Database Convertion Tools MariaDB Database Conversion Tools

MariaDB table conversion uses the MySQL database conversion tool within RazorSQL. Convert database tables from MySQL / MariaDB to other database types and from other database types to MySQL / MariaDB.

Below is a screen shot of the RazorSQL MariaDB GUI Tool

MariaDB GUI Tool