Salesforce Edit Table Tool

The Edit Table Tool for Salesforce allows users to visually edit table data. The tool generates SQL that can be executed by the RazorSQL Salesforce database driver to insert, update, or delete table data.

After selecting the table name to edit, the tool displays a window containing the data for the table in a spreadsheet like format. Users can edit data directly in the data cells, or delete or insert entire rows of data. Some of the options included in the tool are the following:

Search Data: Allows the user to search for data in the table.

Find / Replace Data: Allows the user to find, replace, and replace all data in the table.

Preview / Generate SQL: Generates the SQL for whatever changes have been made and displays the generated SQL.

Commit / Execute Changes: Generates and executes the SQL for whatever changes have been made. Also displays the SQL that was executed.

Copy Row: Copies the selected row to a new row.