The following describes the steps necessary to resolve the Sybase error

JZ0LA: Failed to instantiate Cipher object. Transformation RSA/NONE/OAEPWithSHA1AndMGF1Padding is not implemented by any of the loaded JCE providers

The below assumes the user is running the latest version of RazorSQL.

1. Download the following jar file to your machine:


2. Copy the downloaded jar file to the following location:

Windows: C:\Program Files\RazorSQL\jre\lib\ext\

Mac: In - /Contents/PlugIns/jdk1.8.0_172.jdk/Contents/Home/jre/lib/ext

Linux: In the RazorSQL installation directory - /jre/lib/ext

3. Restart RazorSQL

4. Launch RazorSQL and select the Connections -> Add Connection Profile option

5. Select Sybase (ASE) as the database type and click Continue

6. Enter the appropriate connection information and click "Configure" next to the "Conn. Properties" field

7. On the screen that appears, select True for ENCRYPT_PASSWORD and select the value in the box for JCE_PROVIDER_CLASS

8. Click Save and try the connection