SQL Azure or MS SQL Server SSL Connection Hangs

There have been issues with RazorSQL connecting to SSL enabled MS SQL Server Databases and SQL Azure databases that are caused by problems in the communication between the JDBC drivers used by RazorSQL and the SSL enabled SQL Server / SQL Azure databases. Depending on the version of the MS SQL Server / SQL Azure database, and the version of the Java runtime environment used by the version of RazorSQL - connections to the MS SQL Server or SQL Azure database may hang when trying to negotiate the SSL handshake. This causes the attempt to connect to timeout.

Some of the hanging issues were related to encryption implementations in certain versions of the Java runtime environment shipped with certain versions of RazorSQL - or in the case of Mac users using Apple's Java runtime environment - problems with certain versions of Apple's JRE.

With the latest versions of RazorSQL - any issues with the included JRE should be resolved. This should also be true for the latest versions of Apple's JRE. However, there have still been reports of connection attempts hanging when using the jTDS JDBC driver to connect to SSL-enabled SQL Server databases - especially to SQL Azure.

In the event that a connection to SQL Azure or an SSL-enabled SQL Server database hangs when using the jTDS driver, we recommend switching to the Microsoft SQL Server driver to make the connection. To do this, in the RazorSQL Connection Wizard, in the "Connection Type" list, select the JDBC (MS SQL Server) driver option.