Connecting to SQL Azure - MS SQL Server Cloud Databases

Connecting to SQL Azure / SQL Server Cloud databases is generally the same as connecting to a normal MS SQL Server database with the exception of two possible differences.

1. SSL encryption is enabled on the SQL Azure database

2. SQL Azure has a firewall preventing access unless your local machine's IP address is entered as an SQL Azure firewall rule.

With regards to the SSL encryption of SQL Azure - RazorSQL provides two JDBC driver options for connecting to SQL Azure - the jTDS JDBC driver and the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver. Both drivers ship with RazorSQL.

There have been issues with the jTDS driver connecting to certain SQL Azure database due to the driver having problems negotiating the SSL encryption handshake. Therefore, we recommend using the Microsoft SQL Server driver for connecting to SQL Azure, especially if you are unable to establish a connection with the jTDS driver. If you can get connected with the jTDS driver to SQL Azure, then there is no reason to switch over to use the Microsoft SQL Server driver.

With regards to the SQL Azure firewall rules, if the IP adress of your local machine is not configured as a firewall rule in SQL Azure - the SQL Azure database will reject the connection.