RazorSQL Load Library Errors

If RazorSQL fails to load with a LoadLibrary failed with error 87 or LoadLibrary failed with error 126, or another similar error, please follow the steps below to solve the issue.

The LoadLibrary error is a graphics card / driver issue that can be caused by bugs in the graphics card drivers, unsupported graphics card driver versions, or failed graphics card driver updates.

Fixing this problem involves renaming a ".dll" file on the machine.

Typically this problem can be fixed by renaming atig6pxx.dll to atig6pxx.dll.bak. This file is typically in the following folder:


An easy way to find the file is to do the following:

1. Click on the Windows start button
2. Type in atig6pxx.dll
3. Once the file appears, right-click and select "Open File Location"
4. Change the name of the file by adding a .bak on the end

If the above does not fix the problem, or if the file is not found, the following can be tried:

1. If your graphics card / GPU has an "M" suffix, rename atio6axx.dll to atiogl64.dll
2. If your graphics card / GPU does not have an "M" suffix, rename atio6axx.dll to atio6axx.dll.bak
3. If neither of the above applies or doesn't fix the issue, rename atiogl64.dll to atiogl64.dll.bak