Mac Dark Mode

In RazorSQL 10 or newer, RazorSQL will automatically detect whether the Mac is in Dark Mode or Light Mode. If in Dark Mode, RazorSQL will display its dark mode look and feel. If in Light Mode, it will display its light mode look and feel. To change this behavior, there are options in the View menu to turn off/on the auto detection of dark mode, and to manually select Dark, Light, or Gray mode. There is also an option to select the legacy Mac look and feel.

Prior to RazorSQL version 10, dark mode needs to be manually selected. On Mac computers, this can be enabled by selecting the View -> Dark Mode menu option. After selecting the Dark Mode menu option, RazorSQL needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Pre-RazorSQL version 10 dark mode on Mac is not the same as the dark mode that macOS Mojave added as a feature, but does replace the white backgrounds and lighter gray controls with a gray background and dark gray controls.

Users can also customize the background and text colors in RazorSQL by going to the Preferences and selecting the appropriate background and foreground colors for the editor, database navigator, query results, and file system browser.

To enable Dark Mode on Windows and Linux machines, please see the following: Windows / Linux Dark Mode