RazorSQL How to View and Edit Oracle CLOB Data

RazorSQL contains an Oracle CLOB editor for editing and viewing Oracle CLOB data. The CLOB editor is available as a menu item on the right-click / context menu of a query results cell containing Oracle CLOB data. The CLOB editor does require that the table have a primary key.

To launch the CLOB editor, use the "View Contents" option of the database browser or execute an SQL query against a table that has CLOB data. Once the results are displayed in the query results section, right-click on a cell that contains CLOB data and select the CLOB editor option from the pop-up menu.

The CLOB editor contains options for saving CLOB data to a file or updating the contents of the CLOB column from data contained in a file.

The CLOB editor is only available for updating existing rows. Users can insert a null value into a CLOB column and then launch the CLOB editor to insert new CLOB data into a table.