RazorSQL provides a Couchbase database query tool, database browser, and SQL editor. Other tools are also provided for Couchbase such as tools to export tables and queries, an import tool, a table editor, and much more.

RazorSQL can connect to Couchbase using the CData JDBC driver for Couchbase. Listed below is information about how to get connected using this driver.

Couchbase Connection Help

The recommended driver for connecting to Couchbase is the CData JDBC driver. This is a commercial driver. There is a trial version available.

The following link contains information on the driver:


CData Couchbase JDBC Driver Information

To connect to Couchbase using the CData JDBC driver, the following is needed:

1. Location of the CData JDBC driver .jar file
2. Server on which Couchbase is running
3. Couchbase user name and password (if applicable)
4. CData driver class: cdata.jdbc.couchbase.CouchbaseDriver

Below is example information for connecting to Couchbase with the CData JDBC driver:

Driver Class: cdata.jdbc.couchbase.CouchbaseDriver JDBC URL Format: jdbc:couchbase:Server=http://mycouchbaseserver; Driver Jar Location: C:\Program Files\CData\CData JDBC Driver for Couchbase 2019\lib\cdata.jdbc.couchbase.jar Example URL: jdbc:couchbase:Server=