Yellowbrick Connection Help

RazorSQL ships with the JDBC drivers necessary to connect to Yellowbrick databases. Yellowbrick supports the use of PostgreSQL JDBC drivers to connect to its database. To connect, select the JDBC (PostgreSQL Native Driver) connection type from the connection type list. Enter any login information if applicable, and then enter the host or ip address of the Yellowbrick server, and the port the Yellowbrick server is listening on. The default port is 5432. Next, enter the name of the Yellowbrick database to connect to.

Manual Yellowbrick JDBC Information

If manually configuring your connection, see the following for JDBC driver class and JDBC URL format.

PostgreSQL Native JDBC Driver

DRIVER CLASS: org.postgresql.Driver

DRIVER LOCATION: Simply provide the location of the jar file containing the PostgreSQL JDBC Drivers. These drivers can be obtained from PostgreSQL. See the PostgreSQL web site for more information.

JDBC URL FORMAT: jdbc:postgresql://<host>:<port>/<database_name>

The default port for PostgreSQL is 5432. Usually, if the default port is being used by the database server, the :<port> value of the JDBC url can be omitted.