VoltDB Connection Help

RazorSQL can connect to VoltDB databases via JDBC on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. On Windows systems, it can also connect via ODBC.

Connecting via JDBC

RazorSQL has an Auto Download option for VoltDB to download and install the VoltDB client JDBC driver. To connect to VoltDB, select the Connections -> Add Connection Profile menu option. Then, select VoltDB as the database type and click Continue. Click the Auto-Download button to have RazorSQL download and install the VoltDB JDBC driver. The driver class will be pre-populated with the following value:


RazorSQL will auto-generate the VoltDB JDBC URL based on the text entered into the Host(s) field. The VoltDB host field takes the following format:


For multiple hosts, the host:port combinations should be separated by commas:


The auto-generated JDBC URL will be in the following format:


For multiple hosts, the format would be the following:


To manually install and configure the VoltDB connection, the VoltDB JDBC driver needs to be obtained. The driver is part of the VoltDB installation package. A community edition of VoltDB can be downloaded from the following. The VoltDB JDBC driver is in the file named voltdbclient-version.jar.


Driver Class: org.voltdb.jdbc.Driver

JDBC URL Format: jdbc:voltdb://host1:port1 or jdbc:voltdb://host1:port1,host2:port2

Connecting via ODBC

To connect to Hive via ODBC, a VoltDB ODBC driver needs to be downloaded and installed. After the driver is downloaded and installed, and an ODBC data source is configured on the Windows machine to connect to the VoltDB server, users can connect to VoltDB by adding a new connection in RazorSQL (Connections -> Add Connection Profile), selecting VoltDB as the database type, selecting ODBC as the connection type, and selecting or typing in the name of the ODBC data source that was created.