Snowflake Connection Help

RazorSQL can connect to Snowflake via the Snowflake JDBC driver. Clicking the Auto-Download button when adding a Snowflake connection in RazorSQL will automatically download the driver. After the driver is downloaded, enter the information below to make a connection.

Profile Name: This is the name of the connection in RazorSQL. This name will be displayed in the connection name list.

Login: This is your Snowflake Login id

Password: This is your Snowflake password

Region Id: If the Snowflake region you are connecting to is not the US West region, the region id needs specified. Example snowflake regions are us-east-1, eu-west-1, etc.

Account Name: This is your Snowflake account name.

Conn. Properties: If you would like to configure custom properties for the connection, click the button here.

Connecting via a Private Link

If connecting via a Snowflake private link, append .privatelink onto the region id in the RazorSQL Add Connection Profile screen. For example, if the account name is acme, and the region is us-west-2, the Region Id should be set to us-west-2.privatelink and the account name should be set to acme. This will generate the following host:

Connecting via Single Sign-on / Federated Authentication / Azure Authentication

If authentication is handled outside of snowflake, such as via Microsoft Azure services or another provider, click the Configure button next to the Conn. Properties field. In the window that appears, for the field named authenticator, select externalbrowser from the drop-down. In the Login field on the main RazorSQL add connection screen, you may need to enter the email address you use for authentication. After clicking connect on the main RazorSQL add connection screen, the Snowflake driver will open a web browser, and you will be prompted to authenticate.