Salesforce Connection Help

RazorSQL provides a custom Salesforce driver that can communicate with a database via the web service interface. For information on the SQL support provided by RazorSQL for Salesforce, click the link below.

Salesforce SQL Syntax Support

Connecting to Salesforce with the RazorSQL Salesforce Driver

To connect to Salesfroce using the RazorSQL Salesforce driver, open the Connections -> Add Connection Profile menu option and select SalesForce as the database type. Click continue and select RazorSQL SalesForce Driver as the connection type.

Next, enter a connection profile name. This will be the name used to identify the connection for connecting again in the future.

Next, enter the Salesforce security credentials. These include the login id, the password, and the security token. The login and password are the login and password used to access your account. If you do not have the security token, it can be obtained via the Reset My Security Token option on the profile. This will email you your security token.

Next, enter the max results per query value. This number specifies the maximum number of rows RazorSQL will retrieve from Salesforce for a given query.