Informix Connection Help

RazorSQL can connect to Informix via either JDBC or ODBC, and ships with the JDBC drivers necessary to connect to Informix.

Connecting to Informix via JDBC

To connect to Informix via JDBC, open the connection wizard and select Informix as the database type and JDBC (Informix JDBC Driver) as the connection type. After entering any necessary login information, there are several more fields that need to be filled in.

Host or Ip Address: This is the host name or ip address of the Informix server

Port: This is the network port on which the Informix server is listening

Database Name: This is the name of the database you wish to work with.

Server Name: This is the name of the Informix server instance.

Connecting to Informix via ODBC

To connect to Informix via ODBC, the Informix ODBC driver must be installed on your machine, and you must configure an ODBC datasource for Informix. See the following for more information on how to configure an ODBC datasource:

ODBC Setup

Manual Informix JDBC Information

If manually configuring your connection, see the following for JDBC driver class and JDBC URL format. Manual JDBC Information