Firebird Connection Help

RazorSQL ships with the JDBC drivers necessary to connect to Firebird databases. There is also an ODBC driver available for Firebird, and if using Windows, users can connect to Firebird with RazorSQL using ODBC assuming an ODBC datasource has been configured for Firebird in the ODBC control panel. However, it is recommended that users use the Firebird JDBC driver that ships with RazorSQL.

Firebird Server Requirements

RazorSQL requires a running Firebird database server to be able to connect to the Firebird database file. The Firebird database server software can be downloaded free of charge from link below. The download is an installer that can be run to install Firebird on your machine. After installing, the Firebird host would be localhost and the Firebird port would be 3050.

Currently Firebird offers 3.0 and 2.5 server versions. Please note that the Firebird 3.0 database is not backwards compatible with older versions of Firebird. If you have an older Firebird database file, version 2.5 or one of the legacy versions prior to 2.5 would be recommended.

Connecting to Firebird via JDBC

To connect to a Firebird database, select the JDBC (JayBird JDBC Driver) connection type from the connection type list. Enter any login information if applicable, and then enter the host or ip address of the Firebird server, and the port Firebird is listening on. The default port is 3050.

The last piece of information needed is the location of the Firebird database file. This should be the full path to the file. If on Windows, users can use / to represent C:\. The Windows \ can be replaced with a normal /. However, either way should work. Here is an example of a firebird database file path assuming the database file is in the C:\databases directory and the file is named SAMPLE:

/databases/SAMPLE or C:\databases\SAMPLE

Manual Firebird JDBC Information

If manually configuring your connection, see the following for JDBC driver class and JDBC URL format. JDBC Information

Connecting to Firebird via ODBC

To connect to Firebird via ODBC, the Firebird ODBC driver must be downloaded and installed. Next, an ODBC data source must be set up via the Windows data sources control panel. See the following link for more information:

ODBC Setup

See the following link for more information on obtaining the ODBC driver for Firebird. Click the downloads section for links to the ODBC driver: