FileMaker Database Connection Help

RazorSQL does not ship with drivers for connecting to FileMaker databases. To connect to FileMaker using RazorSQL, JDBC drivers will need to be downloaded or copied from the Filemaker installation. The current name of the Filemaker JDBC driver file is fmjdbc.jar.

Older versions of Filemaker use a driver called the SequeLink client for JDBC. This driver may be in a file name sljc.jar.

Windows users may also be able to connect to Filemaker using the Filemaker ODBC driver.


Prior to connecting to FileMaker, there are some steps that need to be taken:

1. Launch your FileMaker software and open a database.

2. Go to the File - Sharing - ODBC/JDBC menu option.

3. Turn ODBC / JDBC Sharing on and select the user access for the database, such as "All Users"

To connect to FileMaker, make sure your FileMaker software is running and has a database open, open the connection wizard inside of RazorSQL and select FileMaker as the database type.

Click the browse button next to the "Driver Location" field to select the FileMaker jdbc driver jar file on your machine. The name should be one of the following depending on the version of Filemaker:

Newer Versions: fmjdbc.jar
Driver Class: com.filemaker.jdbc.Driver

Older Versions: sljc.jar
Driver Class: com.ddtek.jdbc.sequelink.SequeLinkDriver

The default user and password is Admin for the user name and nothing for the password.