Druid Connection Help

NOTE: Druid does not support all SQL features. For information on the SQL features Druid does support, see the following:


RazorSQL uses the Apache Calcite Avatica JDBC driver to interact with Druid databases. The Avatica driver uses the Druid Broker SQL support service to interact with Druid. This service must be enabled for the Avatica driver to work. SQL support can be enabled in Druid by doing the following:

1. Locate the runtime.properties file that is used by the Druid Broker. Below are example locations where the Broker runtime.properties file is located:

<Druid Install Directory>/conf/druid/broker/runtime.properties

If using the Druid quick start setup, the location would be the following:

<Druid Install Directory>/conf-quickstart/druid/broker/runtime.properties

2. Make sure the following line is in the runtime.properties file:


The following line should be enabled by default, but it can also be set to guarantee the broker SQL service is enabled:


3. Once the above configuration parameters have been set and Druid has been restarted, SQL support should be enabled for the Druid database.

Once SQL support is enabled for the Druid database, the following steps can be followed to connect via RazorSQL using the Apache Calcite Avatica JDBC driver:

1. Select the Connections -> Add Connection Profile menu option.
2. Select Druid as the database type and click Continue
3. Select the "Auto Download Driver" button to have RazorSQL download the Apache Calcite Avatica JDBC driver if you have not already done so.
4. The Driver Class value should be pre-populated with the following: org.apache.calcite.remote.Driver
5. The Broker Avatica URL needs to be entered. This URL should be in the following format:

http://<host name>:<port>/druid/v2/sql/avatica/

Here is an example: http://localhost:8082/druid/v2/sql/avatica/

Note that the ending slash is needed.

Once the above steps are completed, click "Connect" to have RazorSQL attempt to connect to Druid. RazorSQL will generate the JDBC URL in the following format: