Amazon Athena Connection Help

RazorSQL uses the Athena JDBC driver provided by Amazon to interact with Athena databases. Listed below is information on how to get connected to Athena using RazorSQL.

Connecting to Athena

To connect to Athena, open the Connections -> Add Connection Profile menu option and select Athena (Amazon) as the database type. Click continue.

Next, enter a connection profile name. This will be the name used to identify the connection for connecting again in the future.

RazorSQL uses the Athena JDBC driver to connect to Athena. The driver class is already pre-populated. RazorSQL does not ship with the Athena driver, but RazorSQL will download the driver for you. Select the "Auto-install Driver" button to have RazorSQL download the Athena driver.

Next, enter the Amazon AWS security credentials. These include the AWS Access Key and the AWS Secret Key. These credentials are provided to you when signing up for Amazon Web Servies. You can look up your AWS security credentials by logging in to your AWS account and selecting the Security Credentials section.

Next, enter the AWS region to use. At the time of this writing, Athena supports the following regions:


Next, enter the s3 staging directory. The Athena driver requires a folder in s3 in order to support queries against Athena. The format of this folder should be the following:


Below is an example: