Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Editor

The Oracle SQL and PL SQL editor provided by RazorSQL includes features to make Oracle development easier. Users can easily run SQL commands manually or with a click of the mouse, and create, edit, and drop Oracle stored procedures, functions, packages, package bodies, and triggers. Auto completion and auto lookup functionality are also provided to boost productivity. Listed below are the main features of the Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Editor.

RazorSQL also offers many other Oracle tools such as a Oracle database browser, a Oracle table editor, an SQL query builder, GUI tools for managing Oracle objects and structures, and much more. See the main Oracle Features Page for more information.

SQL Editor Features

The Oracle SQL and PL/SQL editor will automatically configure PL/SQL specific syntax highlighting on connection to an Oracle database. This gives users the ability to do function lookup on PL/SQL functions, etc. Upon connection to an Oracle database, the editor also activates such features as the ability to view DBMS output.

Oracle SQL PL/SQL Editor