RazorSQL - Database Editor Features

RazorSQL includes a database editor that allows users to easily edit and create database table data. Users can also easily create tables and views using RazorSQL. Listed below are some of the features of the database editor.

Database Table Editor Features

  • Edit, insert, and delete data in a spreadsheet-like format. Data is displayed in rows and columns. Users can easily delete and insert rows, or edit cells.
  • Data Search - Search for data in the table. The search function takes the user to the appropriate cell for easy editing.
  • Find and Replace Data - Automatically find and replace data with the click of a button.
  • SQL Generator - Automatically generate the SQL related to the database changes including SQL insert, update, and delete statements.

Create Database Tables and Views

SQL Editor

  • RazorSQL also includes an SQL editor that allows users to easily create SQL scripts. The editor supports auto-lookup for tables and columns and displays query results in a multi-tabular display.

RazorSQL also offers many other tools such as a database browser, SQL query builder, and much more. See the main page for more information.