SQLite GUI Tools

RazorSQL provides SQLite GUI / visual tools for easily querying, browsing, editing, and managing SQLite databases. See below for more information.

  • An SQLite create table tool that generates SQLite specific create table SQL that includes such elements as column names, column types, column lengths or precisions, column scales, nullability, unique constraints, default values, and the ability to add check constraints.
  • An SQLite create view tool that generates the SQL for creating SQLite views
  • An SQLite create index tool that generates the SQL for creating SQLite indexes and includes elements such as index name, uniqueness, and columns
  • An SQLite create trigger tool for generating the SQL to create SQLite triggers
  • An SQLite alter table tool for generating the SQL to alter SQLite tables with such options as add column, add primary key, add foreign key, add constraint, rename table, drop column, and drop constraint
  • An SQLite alter view tool for generating the SQL to alter SQLite views
  • SQLite Drop Tools for dropping tables, views, indexes, and triggers for SQLite
  • A visual edit table tool for visually editing SQLite tables in a spreadsheet format
  • Tools for editing triggers for SQLite.
  • SQLite Import and Export tools for importing data into tables, or exporting data from single tables or all tables in a database
  • An SQLite SQL Explain Plan tool

RazorSQL also offers many other SQLite tools such as a SQLite database browser, an SQL query builder, and much more. See the main SQLite Features Page for more information.