PostgreSQL SQL Query Builder

The PostgreSQL query builder gives users the ability to easily create SQL select, insert, update, and delete statements. Users can also build multi-table join select statements. The query builder provides drop down boxes and check boxes to make it easy for users to select column names to populate, conjunctions to use, data to enter, etc.

The PostgreSQL query builder contains 4 tabs, a tab for each of the following types of SQL statement: Select, Insert, Update, and Delete.

The select tab of the PostgreSQL query builder allows users to easily select data from tables. Users can check which columns to return in the select statement, and build the SQL select where clause by selecting the appropriate operators and column values.

The insert tab of the PostgreSQL query builder allows users to quickly insert data. Users can select which columns to include in the insert statement, and the corresponding data for those columns.

The update tab of the PostgreSQL query builder allows users to select which columns to update, and what columns and values to include the SQL update where clause.

The delete tab of the PostgreSQL query builder has options for users to quickly identifier the where condition by which to delete data.

For more information on the query builder, see the following documentation:

SQL Query Builder

RazorSQL also offers many other PostgreSQL tools such as a PostgreSQL database browser, GUI tools for managing PostgreSQL objects and structures, and much more. See the main PostgreSQL Features Page for more information.

PostgreSQL SQL Query Builder