H2 Database Browser

The H2 Database Browser included in RazorSQL allows users to browse database objects and structures. The following objects are displayed in the browser.
See the Screen Shot for a visual look:

  • Tables
  • Columns
  • Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Views
  • System Tables
  • Procedures
  • Sequences

The H2 Browser also includes tools for interacting with the above objects such as the following:

  • Tools for viewing the contents of objects such as tables, views, and system tables
  • A describe table and view tool
  • An H2 create table tool
  • An H2 create view tool
  • An H2 alter table tool for altering table with options such as adding columns, primary keys, foreign keys, and constraints and dropping columns and constraints
  • A tool for dropping H2 tables and views
  • An edit table tool for editing H2 table data in a spreadsheet like format
  • An H2 import tool for import data into H2 tables
  • An H2 export tool for exporting data from H2 tables and views in various formats
  • An H2 SQL query builder
  • Tools for viewing system information about objects
  • A compare tool for comparing tables and/or SQL query results

For more information about H2 features provided by RazorSQL, see the H2 Features page.

H2 Database Browser