RazorSQL Database GUI Tool for Salesforce

RazorSQL now supports Salesforce, giving users the ability to connect, query, browse, and manage Salesforce data via the RazorSQL desktop GUI available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Salesforce.com stores data such as account data, contact data, opportunity data, etc. in database tables. It provides access to those tables via a services interface. RazorSQL now contains built-in support for interacting with the Salesforce.com database tables via the Salesforce services interface. Users can browse the tables in the Salesforce.com database, run SQL queries against tables, update data via the RazorSQL table editor, import and export data, and much more.

RazorSQL provides the ability to write SQL select, update, insert, and delete statements against the Salesforce.com database tables. It also provides graphical tools for editing data, querying tables, and searching table data. It provides a Salesforce database browser for browsing tables and attributes. See the Salesforce features page for more information.

For information on how to get connected to Salesforce, see the following: Salesforce Connection Help

In addition to Salesforce, RazorSQL supports over 30 other databases. For more information on what RazorSQL has to offer, see the following: RazorSQL Main Page.