Connecting to Amazon SimpleDB Databases with RazorSQL

RazorSQL now supports Amazon SimpleDB databases, giving users the ability to connect, query, browse, and manage Amazon SimpleDB databases via the RazorSQL desktop GUI available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Amazon SimpleDB is a non-relational data store available via Amazon Web Services. Developers store and query data items via web service APIs provided by Amazon. Amazon handles data storage and administration behind the scenes. RazorSQL now gives users the ability to work with SimpleDB databases via a familiar desktop database GUI tool, reducing the time and complexity needed to work with SimpleDB.

RazorSQL provides many SimpleDB tools and features, such as the ability to write SQL select, update, insert, delete, create domain, and drop domain statements against SimpleDB. See the following page for more information RazorSQL SimpleDB SQL Support. RazorSQL also provides a SimpleDB database browser, tools for importing data into and exporting data out of SimpleDB databases, tools for backing up SimpleDB databases and domains, and GUI editors for easily editing SimpleDB domains and attributes. See the SimpleDB features page for more information.

RazorSQL communicates with Amazon SimpleDB databases via the AWS SimpleDB APIs. RazorSQL supports the operations available via the AWS APIs, and also adds custom SQL support and other features users expect from a desktop database GUI.

For information on how to get connected to SimpleDB, see the following: SimpleDB Connection Help

In addition to Amazon SimpleDB, RazorSQL supports over 30 other databases. For more information on what RazorSQL has to offer, see the following: RazorSQL Main Page.