SQLite Export Tool

The SQLite export tool provided by RazorSQL allows users to export data from SQLite in the following formats:

  • Excel Spreadsheets - The SQLite export tool can write data from XLS files / Excel spreadsheets.
  • SQL Insert Statements - The SQLite export tool can generate the corresponding SQL insert statements for the data contained in the SQLite database, and write these insert statements to an output file.
  • XML - the export tool can generate XML output using the column names and data contained in the table.
  • HTML - the export tool can generate HTML output using HTML tables using the column names and data contained in the SQLite table.
  • Delimited files such as CSV - The export tool can separte the data using delimiters such as commas, tabs, spaces, or other delimiters of the users choosing.
  • Formatted Text - The SQLite export tool can write the data to a text file with formatting to pad any values so that all columns of data line up correctly.

The SQLite database export tool allows users to export one table at a time, or to export all tables or a selection of tables in a given SQLite database. If exporting multiple tables, the export tool allows the user to specify whether to save all of the exported data to a single file, or to create a new file for each SQLite table.

Some of the options provided by the SQLite export tool are the ability to escape single quotes, convert nulls to blanks, and more. The export tool displays a progress indicator stating how many rows have been exported. The export can also be cancelled at any time.

For more information on the SQLite export tool, see the following documentation:

Export Tool Documentation

RazorSQL also offers many other SQLite tools such as a SQLite database browser, an SQL query builder, GUI tools for managing SQLite objects and structures, and much more. See the main SQLite Features Page for more information.

SQLite Export Tool