Databricks Database Browser

The Databricks Database Browser included in RazorSQL allows users to browse database objects and structures. The main RazorSQL window consists of three main parts. The Databricks database browser is on the left-hand side of the screen. The Databricks SQL editor and query execution window is on the upper part of the right-side of the screen, and the Databricks query results section is below the SQL editor.

The following database objects are displayed in the database browser.
See the Screen Shot for a visual look:

  • Tables
  • Views
  • Procedures

The right-click / context menu of the Databricks Browser also includes tools for interacting with the above objects such as the following:

  • Tools for viewing the contents of objects such as tablesand views
  • A describe table and view tool
  • Tools for viewing system information about objects
  • Tools for creating tables and views
  • An alter table tool
  • Tools for dropping tables and views
  • Tools for importing and exporting data
  • An SQL query builder
  • A compare tool for comparing tables and/or SQL query results
  • A Search tool for searching for table data
  • A DDL generation tool for generating DDL for Databricks database objects
  • An SQL generation tool for generating select, insert, update, and delete statements against Databricks tables.

Databricks Database Browser