Redshift Connection Help

RazorSQL ships with the JDBC drivers necessary to connect to Redshift databases. It ships with the PostgreSQL JDBC driver and can download and install the Redshift JDBC driver. Both drivers support connecting to Redshift.

Connecting to Redshift via JDBC

To connect to a Redshift database, select the JDBC (PostgreSQL Native Driver) or JDBC (Redshift Driver) connection type from the connection type list. Enter any login information if applicable, and then enter the host or ip address of the Redshift server, and the port the Redshift server is listening on. The default port is 5439. Next, enter the name of the PostgreSQL database to connect to.

NOTE: Amazon databases like Redshift or other databases supported by Amazon RDS require certain security configurations to allow an end-user to make a connection to the database. This includes allowing the IP address of the end-user's machine access to the Redshift database. This configuration can be done via the security groups section of the AWS control panel.