Cassandra Connection Help

Cassandra uses a query language called CQL that does not include all features of SQL. For information on the syntax supported by RazorSQL for querying and updating Cassandra databases, see the following:

RazorSQL Cassandra SQL Syntax Guide

RazorSQL connects to Cassandra databases via the Thrift protocol. Many Cassandra installations do not have the Thrift protocol enabled by default. To enable this protocol, a line needs to be set to a certain value in the Cassandra configuration file.

The Cassandra configuration file is called cassandra.yaml, and is in the "conf" directory under the Cassandra installation. There is a line in this file that contains the text "start_rpc". The line that contains start_rpc should be changed to look like the following in the file:

start_rpc: true

After that change is made, the Cassandra server needs restarted to pick up the configuration change to enable the Thrift protocol.

Connecting to Cassandra

To connect to Cassandra in RazorSQL, select the Connections - Add Connection Profile menu option. Then, select Cassandra as the database type and click "Continue". The default connection type for Cassandra is the Cassandra JDBC driver. To have RazorSQL download and install the Cassandra driver, click the "Auto Download Driver" button on the right-side of the screen. This will download a fully configured Cassandra driver to your machine.

Once the driver is finished downloading, the following information needs entered to be able to connect to Cassandra:

Profile Name: This is the name of the RazorSQL connection profile.

Login: This is not usually used for Cassandra, but if your database has this enabled, enter your login id.

Password: This is not usually enabled for Cassandra, but if your database has this enabled, enter your password.

Host or IP Address: The host or ip address of the Cassandra database server.

Port: The port the Cassandra database is listening on. If this is left blank, 9160 will be assumed.

Keyspace Name: If a value is specified for the keyspace name, after connecting, RazorSQL will set that value as the default keyspace.