US State / Region Sales Tax Information

VAT and GST Tax Information

US State / Region Sales Tax Information

Recent changes have been made in reaction to the Wayfair Act that require tax collection for online sales of digital products in more states than before. Currently sales of digital products will not incur a sales tax for residents in the following U.S. states and regions: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, AA, AE, AP, AS, and Puerto Rico. Of the remaining states, some have no tax on digital goods, while some tax computer software / video games only. If the state requires collection of sales tax on digital goods, the sales tax will be shown on the order page after the user enters their address information.

Regarding Sales Tax Exemption If a U.S. customer is buying on behalf of an organization that is exempt from paying state and local sales taxes, FastSpring (RazorSQL's order processor) can refund the sales tax after the purchase has been completed.

To request a tax refund after the purchase has been completed, please visit the following link:

Sales Tax Refund

Customers will need their tax exemption certificate and order ID to request the refund.

Fastspring can also set up a tax exempt order in advance if refunding the tax after the order is placed is not acceptable. To have Fastspring set up a tax exempt order, please visit the following link:

Create Tax Exempt Order

From the time the Fastspring support team replies to a ticket with a tax refund request, it can take a few business days for the funds to post back to the customer's payment account.

VAT and GST Tax Information

Fastpring (RazorSQL's order processor) collects VAT tax for EU countries, GST tax for Australia, New Zealand, and India, and consumption tax for Japan.

VAT and GST Exemption Customers that are exempt from paying VAT or GST can prevent tax from being collected on their order by providing their valid VAT ID or GST ID at the time of purchase. For those providing a valid ID, no tax will be collected, and the ID will be included on the invoice provided upon purchase completion.

VAT / GST Refunds In case a customer neglects or is unable to enter a VAT ID or GST ID at the time of the purchase, please visit the following link. You will need to provide order reference / ID and the valid VAT ID or GST ID. The Fastspring buyer support team will promptly issue a refund for the tax that was collected on the order, back to the original payment method.

VAT / GST Tax Refund

Verifying FastSpring's Local Tax Registration

FastSpring's EU VAT Number EU826012240 Many companies have a VAT that begins with the two letter language ISO 639-1 code indicating where their company is located. FastSpring's VAT number is EU826012240. The number begins with "EU" because FastSpring is located in the United States, not in a European Union member state.

The Fastspring VAT number cannot be verified by the usual VAT validation services, but would have to be verified by the Mutual Assistance Office (a sub-department of the local VAT collection agency) in each EU country from a database available to those offices.